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About Us

We grew up in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. While it's not quite the tundra (in spite of what some people may think), it is a place where we get the balanced benefit of warm summers on the beach and serene winters in the surrounding wooden hills. 

Since we were little, we've always had a fascination and fondness for polar bears. We can't quite put our finger on where this love came from - maybe it was those commercials from back in the day with the adorable polar bear cubs sliding down a snow hill, maybe it's that we can relate because we too enjoy the snowy winters here and the sledding and skiing we get to do every year, or maybe it's because polar bears are an awesome blend of raw power and sleek, stylish grace. At any rate, polar bears have always had a special place in our hearts from an early age. 

Flash forward a few years to middle school, where every day we talk about huge issues like global warming. We were shocked when we heard how bad it's gotten for our beloved bears. We said it earlier, but losing 800 million square miles of your home in fewer than 30 years? That's insane.

We Have to Try Something!

It's so easy to talk about the effects of global warming. What's not easy is figuring out how to help endangered animals so far away. It's like, "okay, polar bears could completely lose their homes (or even become extinct) in our lifetime. So what's worse? Raising money to help a species we love or knowing we could've made an attempt and didn't?" For us, it's easy. We have to try something. 

So voila! Arktikos was born. It's a super-simple premise: We're going to roll out line-after-line of comfy and stylish apparel. Then, 15% of every sale goes to our friends at Polar Bear International, who are fighting every day to protect and preserve polar bear habitats. For the record, unlike some charities, who A) don't openly share how much they give and B) only donate a portion of the "profit,"  Arktikos contributes 15% off the top. We're not in this to get rich. We're in this to make a difference. What we earn helps fuel a movement. Speaking of, 

Let's Start a Movement, Shall We? 

If you're like us, you've felt stuck in this bizarre, surreal place where you have a burning desire to make the world a better place but don't know where to start. Let's make it easy. Start here. Join us. If you buy one of our shirts, that's cool. Thank you. When you wear it out and about doing whatever it is you do, and someone goes, "what's Arktikos?" share our purpose. Tell them how you're trying to protect and preserve the homes of polar bears. Get passionate. Say it with pride.

You're not just wearing comfortable cotton, you're making a difference.  

Greta & Carly


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